Startit 360 Conference

We are proudly introducing another annual gathering for young entrepreneurs. The conference targets creative thinkers, leaders, co-founders and freelancers who are looking at developing strong brands and services. We are focused to bringing together a network of valuable creative minds in business, inspiring speakers, and strong strategies to help you thrive.

Startit 360

Our primary focus 2017 is to help you start with a higher edge, help you innovate, and creating a productive team.
We have group offers: If you intend to attend with a group of more than 5.
Call us on (256) 706 606654
Email: to ask your group discounts.

What will you learn?

Start up: Are you looking at starting a project or business with a small budget but at the same time be able to stand out from the competition? We have prepared tested strategies and experiences trainers to help you start with a higher edge.

Innovation: The start-up journey is full of ups and downs, full of challenges. But you can go through if you are willing to learn from the setbacks and feedback about your product. Are already working on a venture or project? We will help you understand your product and identify how best you can innovate your ideas.

Productivity: The success of every venture not only depends on how dedicated you are, but also on how you are able to focus of high priority resources and activities. We will help you understand the key things to growth and productivity.