About The Hangout UG

We are a youth led and run organisation in Uganda empowering young people through workshops, trainings and community networking events.

Our Vision:
To see a youth that is empowered to create and innovate for a brighter, sustainable future.

Our Mission:
To contribute to the long term development of the youths through Entrepreneurship, Leadership and Sustainable Development.

Our Goals

  • To create awareness of the current world agenda among the young people.
  • To create an opportunity for cross cultural learning and collaboration between creative youths.
  • To teach skills that will enable youths to utilize new techniques, tap into new streams of creativity and ultimately learn to be successful young business owners.
  • To encourage the youth to work with a strong sense of social responsibility, having an acute awareness how their work can impact the community.
  • To enable the youth to think creatively in order to accelerate innovation.
  • To provide continued coaching and encourage young people to work together.
  • To provide an international platform for promotion of creative work, creating a new channel for the youths to gain exposure.

What do we do it?

Leadership: We equip young with a strong sense of responsibility and solution orientedness to enable them address the current and future problems.

Entrepreneurship: We equip young people with creative and innovative ways on how to use what they have to get what is not in existence.

Sustainable Development: We provide young people with the platform to share, discuss and learn the way forward for a sustainable global development.